In this 4-way dogfight, who ya got?

We are enjoying the quintessential Australian summer caravan park holiday. Holiday feels

🔗 Link Post: “Playdate December Update”

Panic writing for Playdate newsletter:

“We’re a smedium-sized crew — 25 people, 5 on Playdate.”

The Playdate gaming device is coming along nicely. Amazing what a small team has achieved, with this device and across other projects.

I like that Panic aren’t taking money in advance and that they are cash flowing the production. It’s real business.

Staycation hotel life. We spent most of the day in the pool but this was a moment of TV time.

Downlink is a great free app for putting satellite images on your Mac Desktop. Now I can look at my country from above.

🔗 Link Post: “Girls on Tour in Beirut — Long Distance Call”

Eliza Harvey & Geraldine Doogue: Long Distance Call Podcast E88:

“Geraldine and one of her oldest friends (and Eliza’s godmother) Mary Ciccarelli are in Beirut for new years celebrations.”

My Mother-in-Law Mary in what I’m sure must be her first podcast appearance.

The processing of creating a zettelkasten is gelling with me. I’m finding it’s clarifying my thinking and helping to capture knowledge in a way that other methods haven’t. I’m primarily using The Archive, additionally indexed in DEVONthink.

It has been kind of so many people of to reach out after reading about my dog, Jeff. It’s a great community to be a part of; thanks everybody!

We had to say goodbye to our dog, Jeff, today. As much as I know it was the right thing to do it’s still a sad time. He had a good 12-year run. I’ll never forget Jeffenhausensteinenberg.

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My 2019 Goodreads Year in Books

I’ve got bloggers’ block. I’ve got a few ideas for posts but can’t summon the motivation to write anything. They continue to sit as drafts, waiting…

I had migrated away from WhenWorks due to its shutdown. Now I receive an email saying that it’s been acquired by @rosemaryorchard. Wonderful news but now I’m financially invested in an alternative scheduling platform. Timing not so good for me, but great news for @macgenie

Merry Christmas Eve, especially to all my friends. 🍻

Gingerbread Cubicle Testing the @johnjohnston Flickr linkr bookmarklet. Many years ago, this happened to my office cubicle.

I’ve gone on a software spending spree. Through Winterfest I bought SpamSieve & BBEdit. On Steam I bought TABS and X-COM 2.

I wasn’t going to renew my Flickr Pro subscription but now they’re struggling for cash. It doesn’t fit my workflow these days but I don’t want to see it go away.

Emerging from the gastro bug. This has been a long 36 hours. Both me and my wife, down for the count.

Kid Jr claims success. He has passed on his gastro to the rest of the family. What a lad.

Introducing MusicBot: The All-in-One Apple Music Assistant, Powered by Shortcuts

I poured hundreds of hours of work into MusicBot, which has gained a permanent spot on my Home screen. Best of all, MusicBot is available to everyone for free.

This Siri Shortcut is amazeballs.

Three new haircuts.

How can a daily The Far Side website finally be launched but not have an RSS feed?

I’ve been enjoying the content of Apple TV+ more than anything recently shown on Netflix. Critics seemed to pan the Apple shows, but I’ve liked For All Mankind, See, and Morning Wars.

So great to have swimming weather again. This summer I want to get into swimming for fitness. Pumped that my boy can do it with me. He managed 300 metres yesterday.

With a 🤮ing kid in the house it’s time to step away for a quick afternoon Nespresso.

Since I gave up my Lightroom subscription I’m looking for an iOS based photo editor with good presets. VSCO is good but it doesn’t interact directly with the photo library. Darkroom lets me edit in place but it’s editing doesn’t seem as impactful.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍