Thanks to @Burk for providing a method to automate NextDNS updating my non-static IP address. He’s a smart cookie.

The macOS Finder can be controversial! Where do you stand on it? Listen to @HemisphericViews HVmini and see who you (dis)agree with.

I’ve disabled my Raspberry Pi & Pi-Hole combo as I try out NextDNS for a while. Early impressions are that it’s technically good, but documentation needs work!

This morning I took an Uber into the city, and it was a Tesla. Wow! This afternoon I came home on a bus.

Turns out Karabiner Elements isn’t so compatible with an M1 Mac. It caused a weird purple flash at shutdown and an OS error message upon boot. This article explains the problem and solution.

This water spill looks like Australia and some islands of Indonesia.

Listening to Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon. This album never gets old. 🎶

I had a heap of fun doing commentary on tonight’s NBL game on Twitch. Provides a reminder as to how well professionals can avoid dead air. Not easy to maintain constant dialogue! 🏀 🎙

I’m doing a Twitch commentary live stream of the first NBL game of the season today. Partnering with my podcast friend, Joe Corr, this is the first attempt at live-streaming by the NBL Pocket Podcast empire. 🏀

What’s that? I have to go back to work today? Noooooo!!!!…

I think this is a great explanation.

I’ve reactivated Resilio Sync to share content between my iMac and MacBook Air (and possibly my iOS devices). Figured I owned a license, so may as well use it.

Facebook: deleted. WhatsApp: deleted. You’re on borrowed time, Instagram.

I’ve proceeded with a full Facebook account deletion. I previously archived it, but I’m so done with them now. Happy for the account to be trashed.

I want to say something stupid like, “go home, America, you’re drunk”, but this is more serious than that. How about,“impeach Trump immediately”?

I got to 87 daily reviews in Readwise before I broke the chain.

My purchased licenses for BusyCal and BusyContacts ran out. My Setapp subscription to the rescue, with both of those apps included in the bundle!

I had the opportunity to use a Remarkable 2 yesterday. I don’t want one, I don’t want one… Help!!!

Is there a blogging/publishing platform that allows writing in the form of an outline, besides Little Outliner?

Currently reading: Beartown: A Novel by Backman, Fredrik 📚

Okay, this is smart. Using a Discourse forum as a blog of sorts. Keeping topics tied together. This eliminates the stupid date-based approach of a blog, without the hassle of a wiki.

Kyle, from Apple Fitness+, is no joke. I tried hard, Kyle, I promise!

2020 Retrospective

The general world-view of 2020 is that it was shit. In many ways, I agree. However, living in Perth, Western Australia in 2020 had to have been one to the best outcomes. We have been largely unaffected by COVID-19 in terms of community transmission. We had a period of lockdown as a precautionary measure. However, thanks to a combination of geographic isolation, good government and civil obedience we have been able to continue a relatively good standard of life.

The year still seems to have passed by strangely though, without the typical beats that I might expect to see in a year. My mind was foggy about what actually happened in 2020.

I’ve taken the time to reflect on my diary notes and calendar to see what did happen in 2020. I’ve excluded the every-day work stuff, and the typical parenting, kid management things that are a standard part of my existence.

For me, the narrative that 2020 was a complete write-off is not fair. A lot happened in 2020 and much of it has been positive and transformational. The biggest personal change has been the development of me as a ‘podcaster’. I’ve listened to podcasts since around 2005 when Adam Curry hosted his Daily Source Code. To now be producing my own podcast content — a mere 15 years later — has been a blast.

I’m also proud to have established a weekly video call with my friends. I’m proud that I started it, but more proud of my mates for sticking with it. Every week, from March until now, we’ve caught up for a chat. It has strengthened our bonds and been a real highlight of a year that in many other ways has been highlighted with themes of isolation.

So, the following list represents my year in summary.


  • Our Standard Poodle, Jeff, died.
  • Holidays at a hotel and a caravan park.
  • My last interstate airline travel for a work conference in Sydney.


  • Outdoor cinema to see Jumanji: The Next Level.
  • Outdoor evening event at Perth Zoo.
  • Day at a public swimming pool and water slides.


  • The arrival of COVID in a serious way.
  • Bought my first podcasting gear.
  • Started my own podcast, Keep Practising.
  • Started a weekly COVID video call catch-up with my friends. This continued weekly for the rest of the year.


  • Cancelled our planned trip to the USA.
  • Took a bush walk in the hills of Perth.



  • Attended a BBQ with friends. This wouldn’t normally rate a mention, but in 2020 that was something!


  • Transitioned to a new employer, but doing the same work.
  • Watched every game of The Basketball Tournament.
  • Daily podcasts on NBL Pocket Podcast regarding TBT tournament.
  • This kicked off my regular role on NBL Pocket Podcast for the rest of the year.
  • Built a new friendship with the Trotter family.
  • Visited my friend Craig in Bridgetown.


  • Started taking Benji to my local coffee shop on a regular basis.
  • Committed to regular strength training.



  • Vacation in Broome.
  • Committed to a renovation of our backyard, including construction of a swimming pool.


  • My wife Hannah was confirmed as an endorsed candidate in the upcoming Western Australian State Election.


This kid is a little ripper.

2021 is go. No expectation that it will be a salve for 2020 but still taking the optimistic approach.