Currently reading: Beartown: A Novel by Backman, Fredrik πŸ“š

Currently reading: Just Money by Royce Kurmelovs πŸ“š

Currently reading: Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout πŸ“š

Finished reading: Chosen People by Robert Whitlow πŸ“š

Want to read: Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout πŸ“š

Currently reading: Chosen People by Robert Whitlow πŸ“š

Book Recommendation πŸ“š: Olive Kitteridge, Elizabeth Strout

Book Recommendation πŸ“š: The Mote in God’s Eye, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Book Recommendation πŸ“š: Educated, Tara Westover

Book Recommendation πŸ“š: The Golem and the Jinni, Helene Wecker

Book Recommendation πŸ“š: Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton

I’ve borrowed a book from the public library, this copy of which has not been borrowed by anybody before me. It feels wonderfully decadent to have access to a brand new book for free. πŸ“š

I finished reading Thinking, Fast and Slow. It’s clearly the benchmark book about behavioural economics and is more interesting than the Keynesian textbooks that formed the basis of my economics degree. The only downside was the final section, which dragged just a bit. πŸ“š

In exchange for quitting Facebook and Twitter, I’ve decided to put that time to more productive reading. Today I’ve started reading Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, after hearing an episode of Cortex podcast where Grey and Myles wax lyrical about it. πŸ“š

Book Review: The Organised Mind, Levitan, Daniel J. πŸ“š Is it a summation of basic physiological facts, repetition of productivity methods from elsewhere, or anecdotes that don’t seem authentic? Up to Chapter 6, it’s all of those. Beyond that, I don’t know, as I stopped reading.

I was at the library with my kid today, and serendipitously saw The Organized Mind on the shelf, so picked it up. I wonder if it will be any good? πŸ“š

When I was younger I used to devour πŸ“š. Now it has taken forever to work my way through this short one. I blame kids (and iPad). My library wants it back soon so I have to find time to finish reading it.