Give the tradie who’s been doing hard yakka in your yard all day a beer at the end of it. 🍺 Photo Challenge: Day 19: ‘Alive’ 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 18: ‘At Home’ 📷

I had settled on Dynalist. Now NotePlan 3 has arrived on Setapp. Just when I thought I would be able to settle on a single solution! Photo Challenge: Day 17: ‘Still’ 📷

I’ve got Bernie, @HemisphericViews plaque and a Sofa Shop pin from The Unmade Podcast. What a collection!

I watched the first 3 episodes of WandaVision. I’m not a Marvel guy by any means, but I enjoyed this show. To be honest I would have been good with it as a simple old fashioned sit-com and nothing more. 📺 Photo Challenge: Day 16: ‘Erudite’ 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 15: ‘Reflection’ 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 14: ‘Compassion’. Donating our money from bottle recycling to the Perth Bushfire Relief Fund. 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 13: ‘Make’. I was able to make these acoustic walls today. 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 12: ‘Sporg’. 📷

New episode! Hemispheric Views 020: A Jumper Is a Sloppy Joe! Rate, review, subscribe, tell two friends about it! Photo Challenge: Day 11: ‘Machine’. 📷

Thanks @vincent for making me aware of the photo challenge ical subscription, and thanks @Burk for making it! cc: @jean @manton Photo Challenge: Day 10: ‘Energy’. 📷

As part of a backyard renovation, we are having a large tree lopped and removed today. Our whole family feels terrible and guilty about it. 😔 Photo Challenge: Day 9: ‘Muddy’. When you go tadpoling with the kids. 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 8: ‘Hope’. I hope he doesn’t crash. 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 7: ‘Craving’ 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 6: ‘Sport’. Basketball has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve moved into a new phase recently, working on an NBL podcast, co-streaming games and participating in post-game press conferences. Life is full of amazing twists and turns. 📷 Photo Challenge: Day 5: ‘Pets’. Fish are as close as we have at the moment. 📷

“Walk with Apple”: It’s difficult to take life advice from 22-year old Shawn Mendes.

Went for a walk around the block. Didn’t buy coffee from the local organics shop because they had an anti-5G poster in the window.