My HEY experiment is not going well. For some reason, forwarding from Fastmail to HEY isn’t working. But I can’t be bothered figuring out why.

The battery of my iPad Pro 2017 has reached that point where it drains rapidly, even in standby. It does everything I need of it, so I could probably get a battery replacement. Or, I could buy the upcoming new iPad Pro or the current iPad Air. Prudent decision versus fun one. 🤔

Crowning Around

Me and my boys. Benji refuses to smile for any photo.

Dammit Microbloggers, now I’m trialling HEY again.

Do you listen to @hemisphericviews podcast? Are you a member of our Discord chat room? You should do both, because at the moment I’m giving away a free license of The Archive for macOS.

My wife has a Wikipedia entry. I’m only a tiny bit jealous.

This is very clever and helpful - @Hemisphericviews Media Corner reference page. Thanks @Burk.

Downside of no Covid-19 lockdowns: stuffed nose/cold.

An Interview with Nick Elam (of Elam Ending Fame) 🏀

My friend Joe and I had the opportunity to interview Nick Elam, who is the creator of basketball’s Elam Ending, for the NBL Pocket Podcast.

We are on a mission to bring the Elam Ending to the Australian NBL.

Having the opportunity to speak with Nick was a genuine honour. If you like basketball, I think you will like this podcast.


Johnny•Decimal: A system to organise projects:

There are a couple of core concepts, and they’re so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them before.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that all of this is free, and it’s possible to implement it without any additional tools.

I was introduced to the Johnny Decimal filing system by @jack. I’m going to give a go with my own computer document filing. As organised as I think I am, I certainly struggle to find digital files on a more regular basis than I would like.

I’m in today’s paper, smooching my wife! ❤️😘

My wife is the incoming Member for Victoria Park in the Western Australian State Parliament!

I love, love, love creating the @Hemisphericviews podcast with @Burk and @martinfeld. If you haven’t given it a chance, this is a fun one to start with. Performance reviews to pickles,episode 22 has it all.

Not often that I’m awake early enough to hear the kookaburras doing their morning laughs. Such a great sound.

That feeling when you wake up at 3:15am to record a podcast interview, then figure it’s not worth trying to go back to sleep after it’s done. I appreciate what @Burk deals with when we record @HemisphericViews now.

Calendar Hero

Calendar Hero »

It sits on your Desktop, below all of your other windows, and…shows your weekly calendar. It highlights the current day, the current hour of that day, and shows a countdown until your next event.

That’s it. That’s all I want.

This is terrific for somebody like me who is guided through life by his calendar.

Egg Face.

I love this album. It makes my wife contemplate an early death.

I’ve settled into a great ’daily notes and other documentation’ system using Dynalist. I’ve never had this much consistent success with any app, except for perhaps Day One, which I also still use. Photo Challenge: Day 31: ‘defiance’ 📷

This app, TextBuddy makes me giddy.

How good is this offer? An opportunity to win free stickers from the world’s leading podcast! Hemispheric Views - Blog - Hey everyone! Who’s up for a sticker giveaway!? Photo Challenge: Day 30: ‘privacy’ 📷 has been on fire the last few days. I’ve really enjoyed the interactions. Thanks everybody! 🔥 💯 🤚🏻

I do a weekly Australian National Basketball League (NBL) podcast, NBL Pocket Podcast. Today’s episode is out and I think it’s a particularly fun one. 🏀 🎙