Andrew Canion

28 Sep 2021

Enjoyed tasting some whisky at Limeburners.

27 Sep 2021

Dog Rock, Albany.

27 Sep 2021

The Gap, Albany.

27 Sep 2021

iOS 15 and the Find My energy drain hit my new iPhone 13 mini last night. From 80% to 10% battery charge overnight. I hope Apple sort this out because battery drain is the worst kind of bug.

26 Sep 2021

This kid gets it. @hemisphericviews

25 Sep 2021

Keep Practising 20: Two Mic Audio Experiment

In which David and I experiment with a two mic, two headphone studio production. With a guest appearance from Benji.
25 Sep 2021

The internet can be small. I got random help from a stranger via the MailMate mailing list. Turns out said stranger is @PaulGit on Thanks Paul!

23 Sep 2021

I Hate Facebook, and You Should Too

Facebook is a terrible company and I’ve felt much better about myself since deleting their products: notably Faceb...
23 Sep 2021

Book Tracking Services

It seems there are an explosion of book tracking platforms all of a sudden, after years of it being a Goodreads monocult...
20 Sep 2021

Currently reading: Thinking In Systems by Donella Meadows. This has been on my list for ages; time to get into it. 📚

16 Sep 2021

I’ve decided I’m going to upgrade my iPhone XR to an iPhone 13 mini. I like the idea of a small, pocketable phone. I am nervous about typing on it because I have larger than average thumbs.

14 Sep 2021

YNAB LaunchBar Actions

I’m a huge YNAB fan and a LaunchBar user. I often get jealous of Alfred users because the system of “workflo...
12 Sep 2021

CPLAY2air Wireless CarPlay Adaptor Review

Some weeks ago I bought a wireless CarPlay adaptor for my new 2021 Toyota Camry. The Camry support CarPlay but only when...
12 Sep 2021

Ready for his first Eucharist.

11 Sep 2021 joins the sticker party!

09 Sep 2021

It’s that time - a new episode of @HemisphericViews has dropped. I practise my singing skills, @Burk enjoys a crunchy roll and @martinfeld kinda praises Microsoft… E037: Teamsception!

08 Sep 2021

Trying out the Ink theme on Always good to change the look from time to time.

07 Sep 2021

The future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades.

07 Sep 2021

Finished reading: Honeybee by Craig Silvey. An incredible coming-of-age story of a boy with all the odds stacked against him. Wonderful to read a book set in my home town, too. 📚

06 Sep 2021

OneDrive now has a “personal vault”. A shot across the bows of 1Password. Do Microsoft do more Sherlocking than Apple these days?

05 Sep 2021

I’ve bought my ticket to “A Voyage Through Time” couch concert by Voyager featuring my guy Alex Canion on bass. $20 - bargain! 🤘🏻

02 Sep 2021

This is very cool - @HemisphericViews getting a shout-out from DEVONtechnologies

02 Sep 2021

Great to have @HemisphericViews listener @dsh1705 join @Microblog.

01 Sep 2021

For the first time in 2 years I have a cold complete with aches, pains and a sore throat. Can we go back to isolation and social distancing so I don’t have to deal with these?

31 Aug 2021

I highly recommend Like You podcast for anybody that has youngish children. My kids listen every night as part of their bedtime routine.