Andrew Canion

10 Aug 2021

My new R.M. Williams boots getting their inaugural wear.

09 Aug 2021

For the heck of it I’ve installed the demo of Bare Bones’ Yojimbo. I bought v2.1 on 26 November 2009 and upgraded to v3.0 on 20 October 2010. Version 4.6 doesn’t look to have changed much. The introductory document still refers to iPhoto.

08 Aug 2021

Great to do some planning with @martinfeld and @Burk for the special live episode of @HemisphericViews podcast as part of the upcoming Micro.Camp. Get around the event! ⛺️

07 Aug 2021

I’m elated. Our Australian Boomers got the monkey off the back and won a bronze medal. 🏀 🥉

05 Aug 2021

I’m having one of those “feels like a Friday” nights. Shame it’s Thursday.

05 Aug 2021

That Olympics basketball game was disappointing. Yet still a chance for Australia’s best ever result - bronze up for grabs!

05 Aug 2021

Extension apps in the macOS menubar may as well be called Tribbles.

04 Aug 2021

OmniFocus vs. Things

I’m thinking about a transition from OmniFocus to Things. I’ve used OF since launch, so this is no trivial m...
04 Aug 2021

I don’t love the direction OmniFocus is moving in. SkedPal is full-on and challenging. I’ve never tried Things. Should I?

03 Aug 2021

Great job Boomers, taking out Argentina. Now on to meet USA. 🏀

31 Jul 2021

The FaceTime Centre Stage thing on the M1 iPad is amazing. Used it for the first time today and it was like having an on-site camera man. Mind blowing.

30 Jul 2021

Time Machine just saved my butt. @HemisphericViews

26 Jul 2021

USA Lose Another Basketball Game

This is what Damian Lillard said after the USA lost to France in their first 🏀 game of the Tokyo Olympics: “I thi...
25 Jul 2021

I like this quote. Richard Feynman via the brilliant weekly letter from @rishabh

24 Jul 2021

I’ve bought Acorn from Flying Meat Software. It’s 50% off at the moment. Another tool to hang on the software shadow board.

24 Jul 2021


Watching the Olympics is making me want to travel to Japan again. Not that it is remotely possible, of course, given our...
21 Jul 2021

I’m ‘meh’ about Brisbane winning the Olympics. They’re expensive, a security challenge, and the Olympics are in my view an event that has become too large. Is there the same sense of exhilaration about Brisbane winning as there was for Sydney 2000. I don’t think so.

20 Jul 2021

I did the Today at Apple tutorial and drew myself as a Peanuts character.

20 Jul 2021

BBEdit 14.0

I barely scratch the surface with my use of BBEdit. I’m not a coder. I use it for a bit of Markdown text editing (...
18 Jul 2021

🔗 Link Post: “Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?”

SF Gate:

“From this vantage, “Office Space,” the Gen-X slacker paean that came out 20 years ago next month, feels like science fiction from a distant realm. It’s almost impossible to imagine a startup worker bee of today confessing, as protagonist Peter Gibbons does: “It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s that I just don’t care.” Workplace indifference just doesn’t have a socially acceptable hashtag. “

Office Space was my North Star. How am I so old?

16 Jul 2021

I like being outside when it’s raining but not cold.

16 Jul 2021

With this much sleep, how is it that I still feel tired and run-down?

15 Jul 2021

In the latest episode of @hemisphericviews we learn that I’m an expert in cooling your home, @burk discovers an app that no one has ever heard of and @martinfeld gets hung up on spelling and grammar for a moment (surprise!). Pocket Casts episode link

14 Jul 2021

Coffee time. Today it’s that weird Western Australian coffee, “skinny long mac topped up”. Fortunately I’m friendly with the barista else I’d have felt like a complete dick ordering that.

13 Jul 2021

The newest recording of @hemisphericviews is in the can. Or on the SSD. In the iCloud data centre. Look, it’s done, okay?