@jasraj Howdy!

@vincent I’d suggest there's still room in the world for your idea. They HEY World system will always be in support of HEY email, whereas you could offer something more open.

@rom Awesome, thank you. I have the Flickr app.

@rom Is this full script available in a shareable format somewhere?

@numericcitizen You can have micro.blog subscribe to the Blot RSS feed so it posts when you update the blot site.

@Burk @numericcitizen I have my micro.blog and a Blot site. I don’t need two, but I like both services.

@rishabh Why time management is ruining our lives | Technology | The Guardian

@martinfeld Fusilli Mac Martin doesn’t have the same shredded abs as the real Martin.

@jpayne Incredibly generous, thank you kind sir!

@Alcedine Legendary post, on so many levels!

@jeroensangers Haha, don't you know it!

@Burk @sexyhermit Nerds!

@Burk A ceiling fan that needs some cleaning!

@mandaris I assume a photo was intended; test failed!! 😄

@Burk How would I (or anybody else, for that matter) go about getting something like that?

@Burk @alcedine Awww, you guys! 💕

@danielpunkass I need to figure out where FastScripts fits between the system Scripts menu and Keyboard Maestro. What am I missing?

@gannonnordberg That’s very sporgy.

@danielpunkass Fantastic! Enjoy yourself!

@helgeg Brilliant!

@odd Nick is exactly right.

@chrispederick @cheri I too have the Brother HL-3170CDW. I had no idea I was a printer-brother with my podcast-brother @burk. It's served me well for ages.

@Munish Thanks for listening - and clicking an ad from @vincent. You’ve given me more hope for the Sony’s. My ancient Bose QC-15s don’t have much more life in them; I need to find something to take their place.

@ericmwalk We said that ourselves!

@Burk @martinfeld so much fun. Of course the best talk happens after we stop recording! 🤦‍♂️