@mdrockwell Zendesk. That makes me feel a little sad for you! 🤣

@cliffordbeshers wow, that’s gorgeous.

@mdrockwell Micro.blog is the best! We own our content, so we treat it with respect.

@Burk I think that’s the million dollar question.

@Gaby Thanks for making me hungry for steak at 8am.

@jean We’re teaching him now that even crime fighters work in teams, and that you need to make sure you have backup when you go on a mission!

@mcg I saw that as more an Instapaper clone. Although that’s probably my perception than anything else.

@numericcitizen Readwise has improved a lot over the past few months. It brings up stuff I highlight in Instapaper which helps me learn and memorise. This makes me look smarter when I deal with business clients in my consulting capacity.

@Burk Finally our @HemisphericViews agent is getting on the job. We're gonna be rich!

@pyrmont 🤓

@numericcitizen I bought a subscription. Now I have to shoehorn it in somewhere between Instapaper and Readwise...

@jemostrom That’s been my best work for some time.

@rom That’s an awesome article.

@Burk Wow. I still have mine but never use it.

@jasraj Howdy!

@vincent I’d suggest there's still room in the world for your idea. They HEY World system will always be in support of HEY email, whereas you could offer something more open.

@rom Awesome, thank you. I have the Flickr app.

@rom Is this full script available in a shareable format somewhere?

@numericcitizen You can have micro.blog subscribe to the Blot RSS feed so it posts when you update the blot site.

@Burk @numericcitizen I have my micro.blog and a Blot site. I don’t need two, but I like both services.

@rishabh Why time management is ruining our lives | Technology | The Guardian

@martinfeld Fusilli Mac Martin doesn’t have the same shredded abs as the real Martin.

@jpayne Incredibly generous, thank you kind sir!

@Alcedine Legendary post, on so many levels!

@jeroensangers Haha, don't you know it!